What are Some of The Visible Signs of Foundation Settlement?

On the interior of the home look for:

  1. Floors that slope or are uneven
  2. Sticky doors and windows
  3. Drywall cracks
  4. Cracks in Corners
  5. Cracks in concrete floors greater than 1/16th of an inch
  6. Cracks above doors
  7. Cracks above or under windows

On the exterior of the home look for:

  1. Concrete driveway, patio or sidewaks that are seperating from the foundation
  2. A chimney thate is leaning
  3. Wood trim that seperates at joints in corners
  4. Stair step cracks in brick walls
  5. A variation of width in brick or mortor joints
  6. A roof-line that buckles

Any of the above signs may indicate settling of the foundation. Some settling is normal and can be expected. If however if you feel there could be a future problem with a leaky basement and you may be in need of foundation repair or basement repair call an expert and get some advice.

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