Video Q&A

This page has been created in response to common questions on wet basement repair, leaky basements, tile systems and foundation repairs of all types. If you have any questions contact Phil Russell at 604-614-2615.

Crack Master Videos

Phil discusses the various types of concrete cracks. If you have a foundation crack or some type of foundation problem call Phil, he is very easy to talk to.

Phil talks about the “French drain”. If you are experiencing a drain tile problem or a moisture problem and you need a wet basement repair of some type, call Phil he is easy to talk to.

Phil Russell Talks about crawl spaces and sump pumps. If you have a sump pump problem or question, call Phil he is easy to talk to. It is not uncommon for many homeowners do not realize that they have a gravity sump on the outside of the house and that it should be cleaned periodically.

Phil talks about “Leaky Window Well”. If you have a leaky window well Phil will be more than pleased to have a look at it and make

Phil demonstrates how to repair a foundation crack repair from the inside.

Phil discusses drainage problems and the use of cameras to determine blockage and how to clear the lines.

Listen to Phil as he talks about the use of Drain tiles both inside and outside as a possible solution to a wet basement repair.

Phil talks about the difference between waterproofing and damp-proofing. There is a big difference and you really should understand the difference.

Example of a Large Residential Waterproofing job, making use a dimple board application.