When homeowners see water pooling in their yard or water in the basement and suspect a drain tile problem the first thing they do is to think who they should call? People often think what is the problem and what will the cost and time be to do the drain tile repair? CrackMaster Concrete are experts in keeping your basement dry and we always do our best to provide affordable drainage solutions to any of your drainage problems. Quite often one of our first steps is to do a Video Drain Camera Inspection.

We are here to assure you that a CRACKMASTER CONCRETE video drain inspections will quickly get you accurate information that you need to make a proper decision. In many cases, we can even give you options.  We are knowledgeable, affordable, show up on time, and are easy to talk to.

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Video Drain Camera Inspection

The final decision on your perimeter drain tiles of course is always yours. You will be given a clear understanding of the drain tile problem and the best solution.  Once the drain tile inspection is done it may be as simple as doing a perimeter drain tile cleaning with our high-powered hydro flushing system. Our work is fully warrantied and we stand by you until your problem is completely rectified.

A Video Drain Camera Inspection Remove Guesswork & Save Time & Money

A video drain Camera inspection allows CrackMaster concrete to quickly identify the problem. This will show the homeowner in real-time the nature of the problem and the type of repair required. This puts the homeowner and CrackMaster Concrete on the same page. It allows for good communication and understanding of the next steps that have to be taken to repair your drain tile problem.  Using the camera helps reduce time and money and it takes the guesswork out of pinpointing the problem with the drain tiles.

Video Drain Camera Inspections Saves Time & Money

How Are Perimeter Drain Camera Inspections Done?

Please note in most cases, a camera inspection can be done without interruption to plants and landscaping. The approach to doing drain camera inspections is straightforward. The inspection gives us information to analyze the problem quickly and map out a cost-effective approach to the correct solution.

  1. We disconnect the downspout so we can access your drain tile drainage system
  2. The next step is to insert the camera head and line into the drain entrance (The line is fed through the drain tile system and the camera displays the information on a high-resolution monitor so the trained technician can identify problem spots.
  3. The camera gives us a high-resolution view (that we can share with you) of the drain and any blockages that may be preventing the drain tile system from working properly.
  4. We can now communicate our findings and actually share that information with you so we can map out a cost-effective solution for your particular circumstances.

What are Some of the Problems that  Video Camera Might Detect?

The interesting thing about the camera is it takes the guesswork out of finding the solution to your drainage problem. The drain tiles may be compromised as a result of any one of the following.

  1. Drain tiles are crushed or badly cracked.
  2. Complete sections are sagging, pooling, and separating.
  3. Tree roots were plugging the drain tile.
  4. Drain tile plugged with debris.

Each case is different and it is possible to fix the problem section of the drain tile and just clean and flush the rest of the system. As mentioned each house is different and our goal is always to repair the problem as cost-effectively as possible.

How Do You Clean a Blocked Drain Tile?

CrackMaster Concrete uses a truck-mounted High-pressure Hydro Jet system for the best results for cleaning and flushing blocked drain tiles.

Our Hydro Jet system does an excellent job of cleaning, dirt, sand, and debris that has come into the system off of the roof.

The Hydro Jet is even powerful enough to cut through tree roots that may be clogging your drain tiles.

Why Hire CrackMaster Concrete as Your Foundation Repair Specialist?

CrackMaster Concrete are experts in keeping your basement dry and we have been doing this since 1994. We are fully equ8pped to handle all your foundation repair and foundation water ingress problems. When CrackMaster concrete shows up on the job we are fully prepared to handle whatever foundation problem we find.  We truly are a one-stop solution to your leaky basement foundation problems.

We use a high-efficiency camera to scope drain tiles, a vacuum truck for excavation and catch basin cleaning, and another dedicated truck to do foundation crack repairs and waterproofing.Drain Camera InspectionHydro JetVacuum TruckCatch Basin CleaningFoundation Crack RepairFoundation WaterproofingClogged Drainage pipesFrench DrainPeace of Mind

More Information on drain tile or weeping tile can be found here.

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