Phil Russell and CrackMaster Concrete are experts in keeping your basement dry. CrackMaster has been repairing leaky basements and basement flooding sense 1994 and they have an excellent service reputation. Most recently Phil has expanded his company and Phil is introducing his new commercial grade Vacuum truck service to better provide catch basin and sump pit cleaning.

 Why  Vacuum Truck Services?

Vacuum Truck Saves Time, Money, and Future Repairs

Phil prides himself in showing up time, doing the job right, and bringing a level of expertise that is second to none. Phil also likes to do these things at a fair and affordable price. Phil Russell and CrackMaster Concrete have been repairing cracked foundations and repairing wet basements in the Lower Mainland for many years and they have warranties that are second to none.

There are times however when Phil has had to outsource work to outside suppliers. One of these tasks that Phil has outsourced in the past has been the use of Vacuum truck services to do such things as empty standing water in sump pump locations and residential and commercial catch basins. You can find great images for catch basins.

When vacuum truck service is outsourced the rates, and scheduled times are at the discretion of some other company and Phil has had no control over these circumstances.

So Phil has decided to expand his services by purchasing a Vacuum truck and bring the level of service that clients have become accustomed to when they deal with Phil.

Now Phil is not at the mercy of other companies for Vacuum Truck services!

Phil can stick to his thinking of bringing water damage repair, foundation repair and catch basin cleaning to the public at a fair and affordable pricing, providing warranties, and giving confidence that the job will be done correctly.

Catch Basin

What is This and What is it doing in my Catch Basin? Watch The Video Below to see what this bad boy is!

Clogged Drainage pipes and plugged Catch Basin led to Flooded Basement.

Many houses have a catch basin and cleaning your catch basin can be done economically when Phil is at your home repairing concrete cracks and leaky foundations. In many cases, the catch basin or sump pump pit should also be cleaned or cleared as a part of the solution to your wet basement repair.

 What is a Catch Basin?

A catch basin is often referred to as a chamber or sump. They are frequently built near the curb and they allow surface water or runoff water to enter the stormwater collection and conveyance system. Catch basins usually have a low area below the outlet pile and it is intended to retain fine sediment. When the catch basin traps this sediment it prevents solids from clogging the storm sewer and being sent into the receiving waters. The removal of this sediment helps streams and waterways to stay cleaner so it has an aesthetic effect.

Catch basin cleaning is often overlooked simply because the role they play and the importance of maintaining them is often overlooked.

Great Video Using a Vacuum Truck for Catch Basin Cleaning!

Vacuum Truck Services

 Line Jetting – Water jetting (water under high pressure) is an efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly approach to cleaning both sewer and drain pipes. With the aid of new technology clean water is propelled under different amounts of pressure into the drain pipe.

A nozzle designed for this purpose is mounted on the end of a commercial grade which has a pattern of both forward and reverse water jets. These jets are extremely powerful and they concentrated streams of water to clean and dislodge blockages.

Even toughest blockages and build-ups won’t stand up to water jetting. The end result will be clean pipes free of blockage and debris.

Hydro Jetting – refers to cleaning with high-pressure streams of water to blast and remove debris build up in lines and tanks.

This process is best to be compared to a type of power washing that you may be used to clean driveway, houses, roads, and large equipment.

Hydro Jetting pressure washers generate extreme pressure ranging from 7,000 PSI to 60,000 PSI. This range of pressure is required for tasks like cleaning pipes, water jetting, precision cutting, and surface cleaning. Hydro Jetting can be found in industries like manufacturing, marine, aviation, and construction.

Day Lighting – The term Day lighting refers to the uncovering and exposing of underground utilities and pipelines to daylight. Hydrovac daylighting will improve safety, improve productivity, and bring lower costs to the project.

Pole Hole Digging – Digging installation holes of various depths and diameters for such applications as fence posts, power poles, traffic signals, signs, and other applications such as these.

Vacuum truck services for cleaning sump pits and catch basins is a great way to help prevent basement flooding. Call Phil today for a FREE quote 604-614-2615. Catch basin cleaning, sump pit cleaning and more.