CrackMaster concrete


Wet Crawl Space Repair

This home had a few water-related problems including wet crawl Space Repair Pitt Meadows. There had been other companies attempt to repair these problems but they were unable to do a complete wet crawl Space Repair so the water ingress problems were not rectified. CrackMaster Concrete was called in and we were able to fix the water problems, at an affordable price and with a warranty that can be transferred if the owner sells her home. How good is that?

Basement Crack Repair Langley & Surrey -Water Damage

Basement Crack Repair Langley & Surrey is a common call for us so if you have just experienced basement water damage then you have come to the right Place. There is more information at We know better than most that foundation crack repair in a basement can be a concern and frequently happens in many homes. In many cases Phil Russell can do a basement crack repair from the inside of the basement and stop the wet basement problem once and for all. Foundation crack repair from the inside is quicker, more cost effective and this method of wet basement repair does not disturb your landscaping outside.

Foundation Crack Repair Burnaby

Foundation crack repair, Basement crack repair, or foundation water proofing can be a scary proposition. If water ingress is discovered it is always a wise idea to have a professional come in and give you an assessment. It is not unusual to be be able to stop your foundation water problem by injecting foundation cracks. If this is done the job is done from the inside and and there is little disturbance to the outside landscaping. There are times however when the water ingress is caused by more than one problem and the foundation may have originally been poured over a couple of days and there may be a lot of honey combes and cold joints.

Drainage problems Surrey | Langley

Drainage problems can come in many forms. Sometimes it takes a little detective work from a trained eye to determine the problem and then map out the best solution for that type of drainage problem. One source of drainage problems can come from a place that most people don’t even think about or even know about for that matter. That source is the outside sump or catch basin that we normally see in our front yard. Listen to Glen as he talks about his problem and the costs and inconvenience he incurred as a result of his sump or catch basin not being cleaned or maintained. The interesting thing here is that most people do not realize that they could have a drainage problem that has started from their sump or catch basin. It is good to know however that the cost of maintaining your sump is inexpensive considering the damage that could be done if the sump is not maintained on occassion.