Our services include:

Commercial Concrete Repair

Civil Engineers and Structural Engineers responsible for, reservoirs, aqueducts, pumping stations, pipelines, wastewater treatment plants, and other parts of the water supply and water delivery system are well aware of the importance of concrete maintenance and the need for commercial concrete repair.

Video Drain Camera Inspection

When homeowners see water pooling in their yard or water in the basement and suspect a drain tile problem the first thing they do is to think who they should call? People often think what is the problem and what will the cost and time be to do the drain tile repair?

Hydrovac Truck Rental

How does the Hydravac Truck Rental Services work?  When you take delivery of a fully equipped rental truck use it whenever you want as if you owned the truck. You will be billed a flat fee for the time you have the truck.  This means that you are not paying high hourly contractor rates when the truck is idle and being used on the job. Rental rates are a modest $600 per diem.

Residential Waterproofing

Water Proofing, Cracked Foundation Repair & Sump Cleaning. Crack Master Concrete is an experienced one stop shop for all your foundation and waterproofing needs. Crack Master concrete offers exceptional service and uses only top grade materials in all their waterproofing and cracked foundation repair projects. We are experts at keeping basements dry and we are fully equipped to offer foundation waterproofing, Cracked Foundation Repair, and sump cleaning with our own Vacuum Truck.

Vacuum Truck Services

Phil Russell and CrackMaster Concrete are experts in keeping your basement dry. CrackMaster has been repairing leaky basements and basement flooding sense 1994 and they have an excellent service reputation. Most recently Phil has expanded his company and Phil is introducing his new commercial grade Vacuum truck service to better provide catch basin and sump pit cleaning.

Vacuum Truck Saves Time, Money, and Future Repairs


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CrackMaster Concrete® Licensees offer a number of repair solutions which are designed to serve best in the geographical location of the customer.