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Foundation Crack Repair expert Phil Russell of CrackMaster Concrete has many foundation repair videos to demonstrate how to repair foundations and keep your basement dry. This video series will demonstrate a foundation crack repair from the beginning to the end just follow the links embedded in each video and it will take you to the next in the series.

When water ingresses into a basement the situation will probably seem like a nightmare. If you find yourself in this situation the reason for the water ingress should be taken care of very quickly to prevent any long term asset and health damage.

Of course, the real solution is to get rid of the source of the water ingress. In many cases, the wet basement may require a foundation crack repair or some type of drainage repair. Many times these crack repairs can be done from the inside and will not require excavation from the outside.

Phil will tell you that “you should remove the water in the basement as quickly as you can”. For small water problems, a wet/dry vacuum should be able to get rid of water in the flooded areas and you can do this yourself.

You will want to open windows to give air circulation so that the basement can dry quicker. Ceiling fans or portable fans could also be used to help speed up the drying process. If you have any smaller items that have been soaked consider moving them to a dry area if possible move them outside to dry in the sun.

For large flooding problems, it is best to call in a restoration company as they may be required to use a submersible pump to divert the water away from your basement. If your basement is finished, then the amount of damage and consequent repair could be more extensive. Drenched drywall and carpets should be replaced.

Another video series covering a foundation repair on an older home with a foundation almost 100 years old. On this project, Phil was called by a restoration company.

Video Testimonial Series on Foundation Repair In an Older Home

The above basement water damage repair tips can help people in many circumstances. However, for damage that has been allowed to fester for a long period of time, you should contact professional remediation experts to refurbish damaged areas.

Phil is frequently called in by restoration companies to repair the cracked foundation to assure the problem doesn’t happen again.  There is an interesting article on the Causes of Foundation Cracks here.

Whatever your situation if you want a dry basement again call Phil Russell 604-614-2615. Phil is an expert at keeping your basement dry.

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