Drain Tile Damage and Wet Basement Repair

If you’re looking for details on the main causes of a leaky basement, this article may help you with your approach, before you commit to any major costs on your wet basement repair.

Concrete Crack Repair

Through time and with general wear and tear concrete will depreciate and eventually hairline cracks will form due to the age and condition of the concrete and other related factors.

What are the main causes of concrete cracks?

There are a few main reasons why cracks appear in the concrete. The first one is the settling period and the amount of water used when the concrete is laid. Not all the concrete will settle at exactly the same time causing slight movement and pressure points which eventually leads to cracks. The quality and thickness of the concrete will determine the longevity of the product and if it’s not of a decent standard or width then, there will more than likely be problems and cracking further down the line. Furniture and equipment play a part in how well your concrete copes and if you have too much weight in one area of the basement then, this can lead to cracks. Weather can play a big part in the concrete, as in extreme wet conditions the soil beneath the concrete can cause the slabs to sink slightly leaving them vulnerable and also in cold weather when the soil below freezes and expands and then thaws and contracts it will certainly cause movement in the concrete and eventual cracks to appear.

Concrete Cracks can be repaired from both the inside and outside. New technology used by CrackMaster Concrete allows for crack repair on the inside without the additional cost and mess of repairing on the outside.

Drain Tile Flush

Every few years it is also recommended to power flush the perimeter drain around your house. Your house perimeter drain can collect dirt and debris and a power backwash or Hydro flushing will remove this. Tree roots can also be a problem if there is a doubt about the source of the problem the drain can be scoped with a camera to quickly identify the problem area before you start to dig up your yard. Listen to Phil as he talks on this issue.

How do you carry out a wet basement repair?

When you perform a wet basement repair it’s an essential requirement that, you can see the source of where the problem lies and not wait until the area is dry, as this not only gives you the extra insurance of what area needs your attention but gives the customer the piece of mind that the area that was letting water in has now been fixed.

In dealing with such tasks it’s important is to get involved with a company who not only is capable of carrying out wet basement repairs and other areas like swimming pools and ponds effectively but who offer strong warranties and preferably lifetime guarantees which can be transferred to new home ownership.

I hope you found our article useful. If you require any additional information regarding the causes of concrete cracking you can visit the website at www.wetbasementrepairvancouverbc.com or call Phil direct at 604-614-2615